Thursday, January 17, 2013

Freedom Box

It's getting closer and closer to the day my daughter will be heading off to college. Her dad and I will be worried about her, of course, but I ought to admit... we are also pretty excited about being empty-nesters!

One thing I plan on doing is creating a Freedom Box for her.
Surely, things would vary greatly depending on the particular child's situation (college, first apartment, marriage, military), but the point is to have something collected for them that will be a help, and maybe even remind them how much they are loved.

I don't have the actual container yet, as I'm waiting to find out particulars regarding the college dorm she'll be heading off to. I'm thinking possibly a clothes hamper or a small footlocker. I do have quite a list of things to include accumulating, though.

I was thinking a prepaid long distance phone card. (Cellphone + Toilet = Bad Day, and no way to call home.) But, the more I think about how little you see payphones anymore, I've started thinking it might be better to include one of those cheapo, prepaid, ready-to-go cellphones.

I've made a cookbook full of our family's favorite (and everyday) recipes. It's really just a 3-ring binder and page protectors, but it works perfectly. I even managed to type up a page or two of all the kitchen tips you learn over time (e.g. how to make a substitute for buttermilk). I will be printing out a copy for her.

On the cooking note... Most dorms don't allow much, if any, in-room cooking. However, I seem to remember a whole lot of coffeepot/hotplate/single-burner meals being made. (This past Christmas we bought her two wonderful books- 101 Things To Do With Ramen Noodles and The 99 Cent Only Store Cookbook. What fun!) So... I intend to include some scaled down basics. I've found a cute little shot glass with all of the teaspoon and tablespoon measures on it. I don't want to encourage drinking, but it should be much easier to keep track of and wash than a regular set of spoons. I was also thinking of adding in a single, small CorningWare dish with the lid. Perfect for going from a microwave or burner to the fridge, and no cellophane needed.

Yes we are still thinking with our stomachs! Lol. Why not add in a few $10 gift cards to local food joints? When the pockets are empty, and the cafeteria food is just too horrible to stand another day...

A brand-spanking new diary. A must, for such an important step in life.

A plug in Scentsy. (With her Oatmeal Cookie Maple something or other favorite scent.) Everyone knows that roommates can sometimes stink, but sometimes... it's quite literally!

A small toolkit. I've seen nice ones that you can buy, but I think I might go for gathering one together myself. Those kits seem to always include some useless things, and not enough needed things.  I'm figuring on a really little toolbox with a good multi-tool (i.e. Leatherman) and supplies like tacks, duct tape and batteries. One of those rechargeable flashlights, that comes on when the power goes out, will probably find its way in there. I will most likely include a small sewing kit in there somewhere as well.

Thank you cards and pre-stamped envelopes. I've done my best to encourage her to always send a little note of thanks when family or friends send her something. I would expect she may get several care packages and the like. At least I will know she has the

A CD of "Mom-songs". Ha! Just typing this made me laugh. I don't know about your family, but our routine includes some loud music when my daughter and I are cleaning the house. She politely calls me eclectic... but over time, she has learned to sing right along with some pretty old (and odd)  tunes. She can catch a piece of one in a shop, or on the car radio, and says it almost makes her smell the Pine Sol. Lol. I figure it might be a nice feeling for her to be able to keep those songs. (And yes, she does sing Mairzy Doats with me. *huge grin*)

The last thing I have on my list is a First Aid kit. Mom worries sometimes, enough said.

I'm sure I've missed plenty... "Did I leave the iron on?"
If you have great ideas, please share them with us!

So back at work, All of my lovely Priority Mail shipping supplies have finally shown up. I'll share all of the information I learned from Jane at the Post Office and they're website with you next time in Please Mr. Postman.

With respect - @ndrea

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