Friday, January 11, 2013

How I came to be here.

Let me tell you... I have this vision.
It keeps growing here and there, spewing out a bit on the sides like foam on the top of a cold glass of soda. I'm doing my best to slurp it up into a manageable mental picture, and the more it settles down and takes shape... the more I'm getting comfortable with it (and starting to really dig it).

I'm pretty happy regardless.
This is a picture of  Jack and I.
He's a great husband and I rely on him
quite a bit to keep me grounded in reality.
My name is Andrea, by the way, and it's quite a pleasure to meet you. I'm just getting started here, but I hope you'll come back often to visit.

I'm here because I love to make things, create things. I want to make useful things. Things that look good, feel good, and work well. I got to thinking, as a housewife, if I could make some extra pocket-money doing that... well, I'd be a pretty happy lady.

So my journey was underway. I was off to find a way I could be creative and maybe help to balance our budget while I was at it. Like most things, I began with learning all I could about my options.

That's when I found Etsy. Ooooh.

But, I've never done anything like this before. Not a craft fair, nor a public blog. I would be a complete greenhorn. Good thing I've never been afraid of trying new things, and boy am I excited!

I plan to use this blog as a journal of sorts. Maybe someday it will grow into a place where I will be posting lovely tutorials about such interesting things... but for now...
I'll be trying my best to:
  • keep track of what I'm learning along the way (who knows, maybe that could even help someone?)
  • make some new friends that are into crafting/design/crochet/preparedness/handmade/building/growing/cooking... yeah, you get the idea.
  • find good blogs to follow, ones I truly enjoy and that I can learn from.
  • share some of the things I'm doing or thinking that might help or motivate someone else.

I guess I should mention how I got here. Shortly after discovering Etsy... yep, I found Pinterest. (I may need a recovery program if anyone knows of a good one.) What a wonderful site that is, so many brilliant ideas. You have to be there a while before you realize its also heavily laced with half-truths and a lot of things there need to be taken with the proverbial grain of salt. It was also quite daunting interesting to see so many of my own crafty ideas on there. Who knew... I wasn't nearly as gifted or unique as I had thought I was. >.<
But... yes... My name is Andrea, and I'm a Pin-aholic.

Following the links back to their original sources, and being a general surfer type (web, that is), I started finding all these incredible blogs! My oh my, there's people that have already been at this business for years! I don't understand a lot of it, but I'm learning. Link parties... that one is still a mystery to me.
I also found pretty quickly that Etsy sellers use their blogs as not only a way to network, but also to pass along information to their followers about the new things coming out in their shops. How clever!

So... I've spent the better part of the last couple months setting up an Etsy storefront, and with any luck I'll be opening it in the next week or so. I'd like to have a few more items to list, so when I can pry myself away from Pinterest, I've been working on those projects too. And now I've started working out the kinks with how to manage a blog as well. (Thanks for your concern... I'm sure my eyes will stop bleeding as soon as I stop reading all these help files and FAQ pages. Lol.)

I guess that's about it for a first post. If you're here reading this... I'd love it if you liked pinnned tweeted tumbled followed shared JOINED me in this journey I'm on. :)

With respect - @ndrea

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