Sunday, December 01, 2013

Welcome Back

Did you miss me?

I do suppose that disappearing  just after you begin such an elaborate undertaking as a blog, is really bad form. My apologies! I keep telling myself not to fret over it too much since I don't really have many followers yet, and it's surely must be better to get over the hiccups early on. Regardless, I don't think I know a single soul that likes to hear excuses... but... Want to hear about all of the cool things I've been busy doing while I was not keeping up with my blog like I ought to have? *sheepish grin*

Oh great! Glad to hear it! And by the way... Welcome back!

The first thing that was taking up enormous amounts of my time is that we moved. We didn't go very far, only about 8 miles from the old house, but it still meant packing everything we own into boxes and schlepping it over to the new place. This was my first experience using a moving company. What a nice treat that was! We still took load after load over to the new house in our own truck. Breakables that we were concerned about, precious things we didn't really want anyone else to touch, and lots of cleaning supplies, of course, all went over with us in the many trips we made before the movers were scheduled. We saved all of the furniture for the movers, as well as a million or so boxes of books. Lucky guys! Haha.

So, I've been spending the past few months getting settled in. With the kiddo being off at college, we opted for a smaller house, and while we are loving the lower utility bills... it was a real challenge to find a spot for everything. I think I finally have it pretty well sorted. Pretty well. Well enough that I've stepped away from obsessing about it anyway. I can locate and get to all of my things, and most of his too. (Honestly, the garage may take a while.) Nonetheless, we love the new place, and are feeling at home here finally.

I use Dreamweaver to build my
websites. It's an incredible tool!
The other thing that had me playing hookie from blog-land was wearing my other hat as a graphic designer. Did you know I had another job? has been operating for several years now. I started out designing business cards and creating original logo art for small businesses and organizations, but over time it's grown into so much more. My most recent project had me creating a website for a local mortgage company. It was a lot more work than I had originally expected it to be, but it was actually a lot of fun too. I even learned some things in the process that should help me in the future, which is always a good thing. But it did keep me busy. Very busy.

Completing that project got me to looking at my own website, which for andreasgraphics,  hadn't been updated in ages. What about A Kiddely Divey?... Nope. Didn't even have one. So, OCD having kicked into high gear, I got to work resolving both of those problems. Want to see?

 Visit AKD's new website.

Visit my other home at

Funny thing is... after I finished, I went and grabbed the softest, silkiest yarn I could find and began crocheting a blanket. It's like my brain and fingers were begging for a break from all the hex codes and pixel dimensions.
--- "Ehem... Excuse me."
               The little nagging voice in my head kept calling me.
                           "Have you forgotten about the blog you're supposed to be writing?"

Back to work! But this is it for this week.
I have some things I've learned that I'm looking forward to sharing, but they will have to wait for another post. This was my goal... to "get it done". Explain to my invisible audience what I've been doing in these months that have lapsed.

I'll be seeing you again soon. Promise. :)
With respect - @ndrea

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